Married director Michael Morris thrown out of house for Katharine McPhee kiss, report says

Actress Mary McCormack threw straying husband Michael Morris out of their Los Angeles home Sunday night after he revealed to her that photos of him smooching younger “Smash” star Katharine McPhee were about to break online, sources exclusively tell Page Six.

Morris, who directed McPhee on NBC’s failed musical series, knew the photos were about to hit because, a source adds, he tried to buy them himself to keep them from ever being seen by the public — and thus ruining his marriage and reputation.

But the horny hubby’s bid was unsuccessful, and TMZ posted the images of him and sexy McPhee enjoying an illicit lip-lock in broad daylight in a Hollywood parking lot.

Meanwhile friends of McPhee’s say she only learned of the pics when they hit the Web on Monday. “Katharine didn’t know about the photos in advance,” said a source close to the actress. “She only saw them on Monday when they were emailed to her.”

“Mary threw Michael out of the house on Sunday night when he told her that TMZ had the photos and that they were about to be released,” said an insider.

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Meanwhile, McCormack, who has three kids with Morris, now reportedly wants to end their marriage over the dalliance.

A source told Life & Style: “They have three daughters, so it’s incredibly sad. He wants to keep the family together, but as far as Mary is concerned, it’s over. There’s no going back.”

It wasn’t the only bad news for McCormack. Over the weekend: NBC also canceled her new series, “Welcome to the Family,” after just three weeks on the air due to dismal ratings.

Meantime, McPhee, 29, and her husband, Nick Cokas, 47, have been married since 2008, but reportedly have been amicably separated for months.

Reps for McCormack, Morris and McPhee, and Cokas did not return Page Six's requests for comment.

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