Lori Loughlin: John Stamos and I never hooked up

Lori Loughlin can currently be seen in the Hallmark Channel series "When Calls the Heart," but to many she will forever be known as Becky Donaldson from 'Full House.' The 49-year-old mother of two spoke to FOX411 about her latest show, and why 'Full House' continues to be so popular.

FOX411: Tell us about your role in 'When Calls the Heart.'

Lori Loughlin: I play Abigail Stanton. I'm a woman who's recently widowed and lost my child in a coal mining accident.

FOX411: Wow that's depressing.

LL: That's how we meet her, but actually the story is about moving forward, moving on after suffering a tragedy. We don't want it to be a downer. It's not a downer show. It's an uplifting family show. We're trying to convey a message of hope.

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FOX411: So will Abigail get a love interest?

LL: I don't know what will happen down the line. I know in episode 10 and 11 we have Jack Wagner coming in. We'll see where that goes. I personally though would prefer not to have my character in a romance. I love romantic comedies but for my character I'd like to show, even though it's set in 1910, a competent woman making it on her own because I think it's a contemporary storyline that a lot of ladies can relate to.

FOX411: You have two teenage daughters. Are they embarrassed of you?

LL: I think my girls are not embarrassed but maybe that thing where I'll sing the wrong words to a song and they'll be like, 'Oh mom!' or if I try to dance, they'll be like, 'Don't do that!' But I think overall I have a great relationship with my girls and they do love being with me, even though sometimes I'm sure they think I'm a dork. But when things are really bothering them they can come to me.

FOX411: John Stamos said there might be a 'Full House' reunion.

LL: I haven't heard much about that. I think it would be focusing more on Candace Cameron and Jodi Sweetin's characters. I personally have not received any official phone call.

FOX411: So would you do it?

LL: Depends on what it is. Clearly if John was involved absolutely I would consider being involved.

FOX411: Ever think on the show, 'My God, Jessie and Becky have to live in an attic!'

LL: Well that's why it's a sitcom (laughs). I had a friend who used to say, 'They need to change the name of the show to 'Skyscraper House' because if any more people live there you'll have to build up.' But it was a sitcom and a way to keep everybody in the house.

FOX411: And you never hooked up with John Stamos.

LL: No, because I was married, and then when I was getting a divorce from my first husband, he met Rebecca.

FOX411: So no drunken night?

LL: Believe me we've gone out and had drinks together but no, nothing happened. To be honest, I can't speak for John, but that was not my personality. That's not my style, it never was. I was never the girl that got drunk and was like, 'Whoopsie!' and ended up with somebody. That was not something I did.

FOX411: You married the designer Mossimo. Was it partly for the free clothes?

LL: No, no free clothes. When I first met him it was mostly mens. Now he's at Target. If I want something, I go to Target.

FOX411: You go buy your husband's clothes at Target?

LL: He actually doesn't own the company any more, he sold it. And I love Target, though I tend to get lost because I start going, 'Oh I need that too!,' and 'Look at this section!' I do like Target and I definitely thinks it makes a lot of people's lives easier.

FOX411: You were a child model and you seem pretty normal.

LL: I come from a very nice family. I'm going to give kudos to my parents. They're very down to earth people, salt of the earth, and I think being raised by them has clearly influenced who I am. I've also watched the bad behavior and when you're watching really bad behavior you go, 'Huh, that's not how I want to be.' I've raised my girls now to be extraordinarily polite since they were little. I was a loving but firm parent. My kids now when they see a kid acting up or mouthing off to an adult, go, 'Wow, that doesn't look good.'

FOX411: It's interesting you say that. I can't stand the way kids talk to adults on kid shows.

LL: I banned my kids when they were little from watching the Disney Channel because one day my daughter turned around and said something very snippy to me and I said, Oh my God that's a line from I don't even know, 'Hannah Montana,' and I made them stop watching it. By the way that to me is why 'Full House' is still so successful today and why parents feel good about letting their kids watching that show. Never in a million years when I was doing sitcoms would the younger children behave that way towards an adult. It's disrespectful and I don't like it. I don't think it's funny dads are doofuses, the moms are idiots. I don't like any of it.

FOX411: Did you grow up calling adults 'Mr.' and 'Mrs.'?

LL: That's the way I was raised and my daughters went to a school where they wore a uniform and called their teachers Mr and Mrs. It wasn't a Catholic school but it was run like a Catholic school.