Lingerie Football League Set To Start New Season

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If you’re interested in girl-on-girl action — and sports — there’s a new league that’s just the ticket. The Lingerie Football League offers players who could be the offspring of an NFL-Victoria’s Secret marriage. And while two New York and Philadelphia teams are tangling in some other sport, the New York Majesty and the Philadelphia Passion are squaring off tomorrow night in their first gridiron game — and it promises to show more than just pigskin.

The 10-team league is no dainty touch-football played by women afraid to break a nail. (There’s sure to be plenty of touching, though.) This is a full-body tackle sport, and the team, buffed and bruised from weeks of practice, plays like it has something to prove.

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“We’re going to war here,” says Majesty quarterback Krystal Gray, a 24-year-old from Buffalo. “Football is such a fast game that you don’t have time to think about what kind of uniform you are wearing. If you are distracted for even a split second, you can lose the ball.”

Since the women do need to run, catch and tackle, their uniforms are more akin to what Olympic volleyball players might wear than the lace teddy of a true seductress. Still, volleyball players don’t usually wear garter belts around their thighs or chokers around their necks. LFL players do.

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Majesty head coach Henry Racich has been working overtime to get his first lingerie-clad football team ready for their premier game. He tells us that he had the entire team move into his house for a week, where he could oversee three practice sessions a day, treating them like any men’s team he would coach.

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