Lindsay Lohan's Questionable Thong Selfie, The Stone Rose's Snowday Cocktail, and Much, Much More

Here's what's happening:

Late last week, Lindsay Lohan uploaded a sexy selfie in her Calvin Klein thong underwear (below), but now, rumors are swirling that Lohan Photoshopped her own picture to make herself appear thinner. It might also be possible that Lohan simply lost a bunch of weight due to her recent chikungunya infection, and then won't we all feel like jerks.

If you live in the Northeast, chances are you're still at home, in your pajamas, enjoying the heck out of a rare state-wide snow day. If you haven't yet made yourself a mug of hot chocolate, please allow us to suggest an even better idea: The Snowday cocktail, featuring Nutella-infused milk and hazelnut liqueur. Watch the video above to see how it's made.

During a visit to "The Rachael Ray Show," Gwyneth Paltrow announced plans to release a third cookbook focusing on "clean comfort food." So maybe this time the quinoa will have organic, gluten-free gravy on it.

T-Mobile has already released their upcoming Super Bowl commercial featuring Kim Kardashian (below). In it, she pokes fun at her penchant for taking selfies, but it also kinda makes fun of us for bothering to care about them. Hahaha! We're idiots!

According to a Hollywood "insider," the cast of Adam Sandler's upcoming Netflix movie "The Ridiculous 6" will include Taylor Lautner and Blake Shelton. That doesn't sound so far-fetched, but who else thinks this Hollywood "insider" was just Sandler talking in a funny falsetto voice?

CBS has ordered a television series based on the "Rush Hour" franchise, to focus on a different Hong Kong investigator coming to work with a different L.A. cop. And stupid us, we thought the original trilogy had covered every type of explosion and race-based misunderstanding possible! How wrong we were.

English musician Sam Smith and American rocker Tom Petty have reached a settlement agreement after Petty's people claimed to hear similarities between Smith's "Stay With Me" and "I Won't Back Down." Meanwhile, Petty has declined to sue himself, despite all his songs sounding pretty much the same.

FOX has released the first trailer for its upcoming "Fantastic 4" reboot (below). But no matter how good it looks, just remember that the attractive faces of the cast are going to be largely obscured by fire, stone-like skin or invisibility for the better part of the movie. You've been warned.

And finally, Oscar host Neil Patrick Harris has announced that the duo who wrote "Let It Go" from the Disney film "Frozen" will be writing an original song for him to sing at the top of the 2015 Academy Awards. Therefore, if history has taught us anything, we should all expect "Neil Patrick Harris" to be 2015's hottest Halloween costume.