Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet hang out at the Oscars and everyone freaked out

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Be still our hearts! Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet posed together on the Oscars red carpet and subsequently sent social media in a tizzy.

It's almost as if the "Titanic" co-stars didn't miss a beat after nearly two decades.

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The pals are both up for Academy Awards on Sunday and Winslet, 40, recently told ET that she isrooting for DiCaprio as he seeks his first Oscar in six nominations for his harrowing performance in "The Revenant."

"For me, it wouldn't be the year not to be as close to Leo in that moment, should it happen for him," she gushed. "Leo, I've got his back. He doesn't need me to tell him."

So much so that they're sharing adorable moments on the red carpet like these!

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Fans on Twitter could barely contain themselves.

For DiCaprio and Winslet, it's been a whirlwind of an awards season and they've shared almost every pivotal moment together.

At the Golden Globes in January, DiCaprio revealed to ET that Winslet -- and her husband, to be fair -- was one of his dates for the evening. "She's actually hanging out with me tonight. We're gonna go to the after parties together. We're going to have a great time," the Revenant star said at the time.

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Plus, he's itching to reunite with Winslet on the big screen for a third time, after the duo also starred in "Revolutionary Road" together. "I'd love to! She's my favorite actress in the industry," the 41-year-old actor said.

While DiCaprio and Winslet are stellar individually, let's be frank: They're absolutely unstoppable together!