Now that ABC Studios' Legend of the Seeker has been canceled, star Bridget Regan is sad to say goodbye to her character, Kahlan. With the finale airing this weekend (check local listings), the 28-year-old actress spoke to TVGuide.com about how the series will wrap up, why the show didn't get another season and what she would've wanted for Kahlan had it continued.

TVGuide.com: What can you tell us about the upcoming series finale?
Bridget Regan:
The finale was by far the most full-on exhausting episode out of all 44 I've done. It was absolutely incredible. I was back on the horse quite a bit doing stunts that I have never done. It's where everything comes together, or comes to an end really, and it was so high-energy. For Kahlan it's an absolute roller coaster and I will say I was wearing a lot of red contact lenses — the fans know what that's about.

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TVGuide.com: Will it tie things up?
At the end of Season 1 we all thought after we read the scripts it felt like we were done. Everything was wrapped up and it was completed, but I think it's something that mirrored the books in that each book as a series is kind of wrapped up, but then there's always what would happen next? It does wrap up in a way and it's really culminating in the end of the world and us winning or losing.

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TVGuide.com: Have you seen the fan effort for a Seeker Season 3?
The people that know the show absolutely love it. ... I'm on Twitter and I don't get to read everything people write, but you see people write "Save our Seeker, Save our Seeker" and people have told me about the efforts and honestly I'm with them and I'm behind them. I think the show has only gotten better and better, but we didn't have the best airtimes. What's difficult with syndication is it's hard for people to find it. In San Diego it's on at Sundays at 3 or something like that and I'm not usually home on Sundays at 3.

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TVGuide.com: If there were a Season 3, what would you like to see for Kahlan?
I would've wanted her to have good times. They're always fighting like it's the end of the world. Whenever I get a moment to laugh or smile it's the best. But she's always being kidnapped and fighting people and narrowly escaping death, so it would've been nice for her to be with Richard and start a family and do all those things she dreamed of. I like happy Kahlan.

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