LeAnn Rimes’ addiction to Twitter may have finally bitten her in the butt.

In a (maybe not so) innocent attempt to share her love of hotcakes with her followers, LeAnn’s early morning breakfast tweet included a generous view of her thong-clad rear, courtesy of a mirror that happened to be conveniently placed in the kitchen.

“I’m the only person I know that can take a selfie of pancakes and then tweet a picture where you can fully see my ass, in a thong, in the mirror behind me,” LeAnn explained on the fourth episode of her VH1 reality series, “LeAnn & Eddie.” “What the hell is wrong with me?”

Naturally, LeAnn’s conservative southern mother was NOT amused. “What is this I hear about you tweeting your butt on the Twitter?” she asked her daughter at a barbecue. As LeAnn tried to explain to her mom that she had removed the offending tweet from the Internet, Eddie piped up. “How’d it look?” he asked. LeAnn’s mom shook her head, “Not too good.”

After failing to win points with his mother-in-law, Eddie complained to his trainer, MJ, about having to diet for an upcoming photo shoot. Instead of eating salad in solidarity with Eddie, MJ tucked into some ribs. “I bring MJ to the barbecue for moral support, and he’s making love to these ribs,” groused Eddie.

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Later in the afternoon, Nicolas, LeAnn’s stylist, brought over a rolling rack of designer samples for her for to try on. “When I was younger, all I wanted to do was sing… I never thought that fashion would be this much a part of my life,” LeAnn explained. “It seems like it has kind of taken it over at times.”

Nicolas noticed LeAnn's shapely backside and asked about the hotcake tweet. “It’s the talk of the town,” he insisted. LeAnn sighed. “It can be really, really annoying when you’ve moved on from a situation and all anyone wants to do is talk about your ass,” LeAnn griped. “I do have boobs!”

Kira, LeAnn’s publicist, was assigned to butt selfie spin control, and failed to contain the situation. “We took down as much as we could, but at this point, you’re trending on Twitter, ‘#rimeswithbooty,’” Kira said. “Apparently, your butt is very popular.”

“I know I have not earned a lot of sympathy from the public–and honestly, I’m not looking for sympathy in this situation. This is 100% my fault,” LeAnn admitted. “I take complete responsibility. I just don’t know how I just keep screwing myself over and over again.”

Kira suggested that short of sending cease and desist orders to everyone on the Internet, the best thing for LeAnn to do about Buttgate is to “wait for someone else to screw up more” than she did.

Instead of taking Kira’s advice, LeAnn instead decided to post a picture of Eddie’s butt to Twitter. “I don’t know if this is going to work or not, but at least it’s somewhat of a distraction,” smiled LeAnn. “And I know my man has my backside–literally.”