Larry King Joining Jon Stewart's 'Daily Show'?

Larry King is set to make his TV comeback as a contributor on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart, the New York Post reported Monday.

After King was wheeled out of CNN in December, Comedy Central declared with a straight face that "there's not enough Larry on TV" and started early talks with him about being a regular on Stewart's show.

"A single conversation has happened. It's still extremely preliminary. He'll be on every now and again, like [comedian] Lewis Black. He's not joining as a correspondent but a contributor," one source said.

But other sources claimed King was talking to his close friends as if it was a done deal.

Stewart was a staunch King supporter in his final days at CNN and even appeared on his final program. Stewart also told him, "You're the last guy out of a burning building, my friend."

A Comedy Central rep said, "We love Larry."