Lady Gaga Shares Bahamas Bikini Pic, Brooke Shields Has 'The Talk' With Her Kids, and Much, Much More

Here's what everybody's buzzing about:

• On Monday, Lady Gaga shared a couple of swimsuit pics from her vacation in the Bahamas (see one below). And, oddly enough, she's pictured wearing a standard yellow bikini, and not some kind of two-piece meat-suit made from ribeye steaks and rhinestones, as we all naturally assumed.

• Brooke Shields has played a few risque roles in her early career, so she knows — perhaps better than anybody — that her kids might be exposed to adult themes on-screen. Her solution? Have "the talk" with her kids before the movies do it for her. Watch the video above to hear more about her approach.

• Unsatisfied with merely making unauthorized TV tell-alls about "Saved By the Bell" and "Full House," Lifetime is reportedly working on an "Unauthorized '90210' Story" to focus on all the drama that happened off-camera. But in this case it's a little different, because we already kinda assumed everybody on that set was a jerk.

• On Monday, Lindsay Lohan shared a few photos from a recent cryo-therapy session (see one below), which reportedly seeks to slow the aging process by exposing the body to extreme cold temperatures. Knowing this, we can only assume that any parts of Lindsay's body which are covered by her suit (or those extra-large Minnie Mouse gloves) will conversely age at the speed of light.

• Steve Harwell, the lead singer of late-'90s band Smash Mouth, went on an expletive-filled tirade during a performance in Colorado after someone began throwing slices of bread at the stage. Harwell eventually calmed down, but not before guaranteeing that his detractors will throw bread at him during every subsequent performance for the rest of his life.

• According to Kristen Stewart's mother, the 25-year-old "Still Alice" actress is dating Alicia Cargile, her own female assistant. While we don't have any qualms with this Cargile woman, we do think this dating one's own assistant is a truly terrible idea. It's only a matter of time before Carglie starts wondering why Stewart never goes out to the craft services table and gets her a low-carb bagel.

• Earlier this week, British singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran was shopping at a Canadian mall when he heard a 13-year-old girl singing a rendition of his song "Thinking Out Loud" in the shopping center's atrium, so he decided to surprise her on stage (below). This just goes to prove how nice a guy Ed Sheeran is, or that he really likes making 13-year-old girls pee their pants:

• On Saturday before the formal launch of her presidential bid, Hillary Clinton shared her "official campaign playlist" on Spotify. It includes a selection of inoffensive songs from Pharrell, John Legend and Kelly Clarkson (among others), but it also includes "Roar" from Katy Perry, which is sure to alienate any voters who side with Taylor Swift's in this whole "Bad Blood" feud.

• Forest Whitaker, the Oscar-winning star of "The Last King of Scotland," has reportedly joined the cast of an upcoming "Star Wars" spin-off film called "Star Wars: Rogue One" — perhaps because producers saw how good he was in "Scotland," and wondered how he'd fare in a harsher environment, like the ice planet of Hoth.

• Katy Perry shared several photos from her new Moschino ad campaign on Monday, one of which sees the singer only partially covering her nude body with a Moschino coat (below). It's a fabulous photo, for sure, but it also illustrates just how effectively Moschino's large formless shawls can completely negate even the most bodacious of celebrity bodies. Be careful, Moschino.

• According to a screenwriter who was hired to write it, the never-produced sequel to Joel Schumacher's "Batman & Robin" might have starred Courtney Love as Harley Quinn, one of Batman's newer foes. Unfortunately, the film never came to be, probably because Joel Schumacher was throwing around names like "Courtney Love" when discussing major casting choices.

• And finally, Frank Sinatra's address book (which the New York Post is calling his "little black book,") was recently auctioned off for nearly $9,000. It's said to contain the contact information of such folks as John Wayne, Sidney Poitier, Jerry Weintraub and Lew Wasserman among other Hollywood insiders we're sure your grandmother would be impressed with.