Kim gets taste of CNN's grandstanding newsman Jim Acosta at historic summit

Kim Jong Un got a taste of President Trump’s pain when CNN star Jim Acosta peppered the world leaders with grandstanding questions following their historic summit in Singapore early Tuesday.

“Mr. President, how is the meeting going so far, sir?” the Trump-bashing newsman hollered as Trump and Kim exited their conference room at the Capella Hotel following a 35-minute meeting. “Any progress, Mr. President?”

“Chairman Kim, will you denuclearize?” he pressed. “Mr. President, how’s it going so far, sir?”


When Trump finally responded by saying it was going “Very, very good,” Acosta, who was the designated pool reporter assigned to represent U.S. media organizations, seemed encouraged to demand answers from Kim, who is used to a more compliant media.

“Will you give up your nuclear weapons, sir?” Acosta shouted, either unaware that Kim had just pledged to do exactly that or thinking that his probing interrogation technique might elicit a more fulsome answer than the recently concluded diplomatic session.

On social media, the attacks on Acosta were swift and snarky.

Acosta also interrupted Kim and Trump when they signed the agreement for the recovery of the remains of American soldiers as well as the immediate repatriation of those who have already been identified.

The CNN star first asked, “Mr. President, did he agree to denuclearize?”

Trump responded that the process will start “very quickly,” but that wasn’t enough for Acosta, who shouted another question, “Did you talk about Otto Warmbier?”

Trump ignored the question about Warmbier as he signed the agreement amid sounds of camera shutters.

Acosta, who regularly tangles with Trump, has built a reputation for casting aside manners and protocol in order to get his often-rhetorical questions on tape for the evening newscasts. Perhaps more than any other reporter, Trump has singled out the cable network’s White House correspondent for scorn and ridicule.

Fox News’ Brian Flood contributed to this report.