Kenny G Brings the Bossa Nova to 'Brazilian Nights'

Kenny G is a real sax-machine, and it's never been more apparent than on his latest album "Brazilian Nights."

"It's all inspired by the bossa novas I've listened to all my life, and especially lately," explained Kenny in an exclusive interview with FOX News Magazine. "Stan Getz was a sax player from the '60s that did some beautiful bossa novas, and I've been kind of inspired by his music."

Featuring a seamless mix of songs old and new, "Brazilian Nights" also offered Kenny a chance to put his own spin on classics like "Girl From Ipanema" and "Bossa Antigua," although he did have to step out of his comfort zone for some of the recording process.

"Making this album required me to kind of play in a more traditional jazz way — that's not normally the way I do my music," he told us. "I think I got to be a better musician because of it."

For more from Kenny G, including a preview of his album and his personal secret to lasting success, watch our exclusive interview above.