Kelly Ripa auditions Jimmy Fallon for 'Live' co-host gig on the 'Tonight Show'

Hosting one talk show apparently isn't enough for Jimmy Fallon!

On Wednesday's "Tonight Show," Fallon welcomed Kelly Ripa, who actually auditioned Fallon for the role of her new "Live!" co-host.

Fallon brought the possibility up as delicately and subtly as he could, innocently mentioning his wide-open daytime schedule.

"I mean, I'm not doing anything in the mornings," Fallon said, sheepishly, "and we have a little chemistry..."

"We DO have chemistry," Ripa agreed.

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Fallon proposed that Ripa give him the opportunity to show her how good he'd be by her side while the two also played one of his favorite Tonight Show games, "Word Sneak."

Sitting down in front of a drop-down New York skyline, Kelly and Jimmy teamed up to play the game, with "Tonight Show" bandleader Questlove sitting in as their guest.

Not only did Fallon get the chance to employ his winning charm, but the three of them had to figure out how to work words like "nude model" "chimichangas" and "glockenspiel" into a conversation.

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