Katie Price won't lose her job over drunken topless episode

'Loose Women' are standing by panellist Katie Price – despite viewers demanding she be dropped from the ITV panel show.

The 38-year-old shocked the nation when she made a drunken appearance at a Derby Christmas party alongside ex-boyfriend Dane Bowers.

Office workers looked on in horror as she branded them “sl*gs” and later stripped off in the ladies’ toilets to show off her new boobs to surprised employees.

However, despite fans calling for her to be sacked from the popular daytime show, bosses have confirmed to The Sun online that her job is safe.

A spokesperson said: “Katie was on the panel yesterday and will be back on again in the new year. ”

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Ever since The Sun revealed Katie’s shocking behavior – which included asking a woman with short hair if she had cancer – people have taken to social media in their droves to slam her behaviour.

Yesterday she told the panel that she “normal” when she goes out and drinks alcohol, as she broke her silence on a shock video of her stripping topless at the Christmas party.

The star spoke out on Loose Women after The Sun revealed she turned up “blotto” to a Christmas bash she was paid to attend and ended up stripping in the toilet, before launching into a foul-mouthed rant.

Explaining how alcohol can affect her, she said: “I’ve definitely had the lightbulb moment because, I’ve said before, when I drink I’m a nightmare. I don’t mean to be.”

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She added: “You guys know me, I’m actually quite normal. I just thought, it doesn’t agree with me.

“Because I’m small it affects me, and I never know when that one is too much. It’s taken me now 38 years to realise that next year I’m not going to drink for the whole year.”

She went on: “I can do it when I’m pregnant, so what difference is one year out of my life to be healthy and just try and see what it’s like.”

The star insisted she doesn’t drink at home, but it only takes two glasses of champagne when she’s out.

She concluded: “I’m not a rowdy drunk.”

For pics of Price's topless scene go to TheSun.co.uk.