Kara Del Toro's Latest Bikini Pic, NBC's Next Live TV Event, and Much More

Here's what people are buzzing about:

• Kara Del Toro, who you might remember as the bikini-clad volleyball player from or the bikini-clad spokeswoman for has posted yet another bikini photo from her latest appearance in Surfing Magazine's annual Swimsuit Issue (above). Boy, has she found her calling or what?

• Speaking of Kara, we once interviewed her about that infamous Carl's Jr. commercial — and to our surprise, she said she really does eat those burgers. Watch the interview below for more (or ), then curse yourself for not having the same burger-burning metabolism:

• Following their recent successes with "Peter Pan Live!" and "The Wiz Live!", NBC is planning to stage a live production of "A Few Good Men." Unfortunately, though, they have no intentions to bolster the somber source material with song or dance.

• According to Page Six, Tom Cruise and Kate Holmes' 9-year-old daughter Suri has fired her music instructor over "creative differences." That said, we can probably expect Cruise to take her music in a much darker, more experimental direction than any of her earlier acoustic work.

• "Batman v. Superman" actor Ben Affleck is reportedly making plans to write, direct, and star in his very own stand-alone Batman movie. Try not to be surprised when everyone in Gotham suddenly has thick Boston accents.

• Despite reports to the contrary, a source for People magazine claims that Selena Gomez and Charlie Puth are not "hooking up." We can believe it, too. Judging by the lyrics to Puth's song "Marvin Gaye," we're not even sure he understands the basic mechanics of sex, anyway:

• Scottish actor Ewan McGregor confirmed that he's re-teaming with Danny Boyle to film a sequel to "Trainspotting." Furthermore, McGregor says the sequel will be based on the novel "Porno," which followed the story of his heroin-addled character from "Trainspotting." (Needless to say, you won't want to see this one with mom.)

• And finally, the Red Robin restaurant chain will soon expand its menu to include ramen burgers, which will be served between two fried discs of ramen noodles instead of buns. And here we thought America had run out of ways to get hilariously fat!