Kara Del Toro flaunts bikini body on Instagram: 'Just like heaven'

Kara Del Toro seems to be having a very good summer so far.

The former Carl’s Jr. Girl has been posting plenty of bikini snaps flaunting her beach body on Instagram.

Del Toro, who seems to be on a tropical getaway at Turks and Caicos’ Iguana Island, has no qualms showcasing her talents as a professional bikini model.

Back in 2016, Del Toro told Fox News that despite her profession, she doesn’t eat so great.

“I should be better, but I kinda eat whatever I want,” she said. “I do eat burgers and pizza.”

However, she does maintain a workout routine to ensure that her figure is in camera-ready shape at all times.

“If I have a swimsuit shoot or something coming up, I make sure to start working out more,” she said. “I do yoga, I go hiking. And if I have something important coming up that week, I’ll really try to cut down on sugar and carbs.”

Apparently, her regimen is working just fine.