Pamela Anderson just got a non-stalker-related restraining order -- against a company Pam claims screwed up her website, PamelaAnderson.com.

In documents filed in Indiana and obtained by TMZ, Pamela claims she hired a company called CMAEON back in 2009 to create a website to sell her line of goods -- including lingerie, swimwear and perfume -- but Pam claims the site design was a gigantic failure.

In the docs, Pam claims a vital part of the site -- which allowed people to place orders -- was "not operational" ... so she told CMAEON to pound sand and hired CMG Brands to take over control of the site.

But Pam claims CMAEON refused to stop operating the website, so she went to court for a restraining order -- which she got yesterday -- forcing the company to relinquish control.

The judge ordered CMAEON to shut down the website.

CMG Brands should have it up and running soon.