Jessica Szohr Goes to Extremes on USA's 'Complications'

USA's new series "Complications" isn't your average medical drama — as star Jessica Szohr made abundantly clear during our exclusive interview.

"I play a girl named Gretchen Polk, who is a nurse by day, but sort of somehow gets involved in a gang war," Szohr tells FNM.

If that sounds intense, it's because it is. "Complications," which was created by the same person behind "Burn Notice," tells the story of two medical professionals who go above and beyond their duties to help their patients — even if that means skirting the law.

"They're always trying to do the right thing, but not always going about it the right way, and it gets them into some trouble," explains Szohr. "They're kind of always in a situation where they could go to jail for a very long time, or someone could get hurt — or die."

For more from Szohr, along with a couple of tense previews of her new show "Complications," be sure to watch the rest of her interview above.