Jenny McCarthy is kicking off the summer season with a whole new look.

The 43-year-old radio show host, who's typically a blonde, has opted for a darker 'do. "Loving the rich chocolate with blonde highlights," she captioned a selfie on Wednesday.

Julius Michael, the hairstylist behind McCarthy's new look, revealed to ET how this change came about. "I suggested she does something different and go darker and from that point we ran with it. I was bleaching her hair every three weeks to a platinum blonde and wanted to give it a break," he shared. "I love change, I love pushing her out of her comfort zone of being 'blonde.' I used Kenra color to do the color correction, and the blonde highlights are actually tape-in extensions from the brand I work with, Want Hair."

The new hair color wasn't the only update to McCarthy's 'do. "I added about 12 inches to her length," Michael added.

Last summer, McCarthy also made a big change to her appearance when she dyed her hair hot pink. "I thought I got past my midlife crisis with tattoos, and then I woke up this morning and said, 'You know what, I'm feeling a little bit frisky,' and thought I'd go pink," she told ET.

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While we're not sure what McCarthy's husband Donnie Wahlberg thinks of her latest hair shake-up, but he was a big fan of the pink. "He loved it, you know? I think guys dig when their women change their hair, I'm only guessing, because it may feel like they're cheating on their wife with their wife, if that makes sense?" the "Donnie Loves Jenny" star explained at the time. "It just adds a little fun in the bedroom. What? Who's saying these things right now? It's the pink hair. But he loved it. He thinks it's really pretty."

Last week, "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Lisa Rinna switched up her hair for the first timein 20 years.