Jennifer Esposito to replace Alyssa Milano on 'Mistresses'

Move over Alyssa Milano, there's a new mistress in town.

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed Jennifer Esposito will replace Milano on the upcoming third season of "Mistresses."

Milano announced her exit from the ABC drama after the show decided to move filming to Vancouver, Canada.

"After two wonderful seasons in Los Angeles, the studio has decided to shoot season three of 'Mistresses' in Vancouver, Canada, for financial reasons. It's with a heavy heart that I have decided that I can't relocate," the "Charmed" alum said on her blog. "I have two babies under 4. Being a mother and wife comes first and I just cannot uproot my children and separate the family by moving away," she continued. "I will miss this job desperately and wish everyone the absolute best."

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Esposito will play Calista Raines, a creative director at a luxury fashion brand. While her character is described as "uber-fabulous," she also has a "darker, more devious nature."

Esposito most recently appeared on CBS' "Blue Bloods" but was placed on medical leave while she was being treated for Celiac disease.

"After a week off, my doc said I could return to work but CBS implied that I was not truly ill and this was a scheme to get a raise!" she tweeted in 2012.

She told Fox News at the time, "Last week I was told I was on suspension, which meant I am still in contract, not being paid. It's completely illegal, but they also knew that I didn't have the money or the means to sue them."

"Mistresses" also stars Rochelle Aytes, "Lost" alum Yunjin Kim and Jes Macallan.

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