Jason Biggs discusses wild birthday present from wife

Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen certainly have an interesting marriage.

Mollen, 35, appeared on “The View” Tuesday to promote her new memoir, “I Like You Just the Way I Am.” In it, she recounts hiring a prostitute for a threesome for Biggs’ birthday. Although some thought the tale funny and an interesting way to spice up their marriage, guest co-host Candace Cameron Bure on Wednesday didn’t think it was appropriate.

The following day, Biggs, 36, appeared on the talker and further explained it wasn’t a pleasant experience.

“We are very open people, we are real people,” said the “Orange Is the New Black” star. “This is not a habitual thing on our part. We don’t have a group of prostitutes who come in and out of our house with any regularity.”

Biggs admitted the threesome wasn’t as hot as he hoped it would be, but his wife found it truly entertaining.

Click here to see a video of his ‘View’ interview.