Jake Owen Takes On Fake Jake Owen, Scammer Targeting Facebook Fans

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Jake Owen found out someone was using Facebook to send messages to his female fans while posing as him. So he called him, posted the video and revealed Fake Jake’s telephone number.

Owen explains he got word of the catfisher on Wednesday. Some of his fans forwarded these messages to the “American Country Love Song” singer, so before lunch Owen tried calling him. The guy didn’t answer, so Owen left a stern voicemail.

The story continues, Owen says, as the guy texted him back, still insisting he was Real Jake Owen. He also asked the “Barefoot Blue Jean Night” singer not to distribute his phone number, which the real Owen promptly did as part of his Facebook missive.

“I’m not finished with these creeps,” he says. “I will do everything in my power to make sure you all, my fans, are protected from these low life people. I love you guys.”

The 415 area code is from San Francisco. Several of Owen’s real Facebook followers reported being contacted by this person over the last few weeks, with some saying he tried to friend request them. They grew suspicious when the fake Jake had far fewer than the 1.8 million Facebook fans Owen has.

Owen looks to be dining when he shot the two-minute-long video for Facebook. The singer and 2016 Taste of Country Music Festival headliner is very active with fans on social media, often using Twitter and Facebook Live as a way to interact with his faithful. “American Country Love Song” is the first single from a new album expected later this year.

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