Instagram's No. 1 user Kim Kardashian considering dropping photo service

Instagram's number one user, Kim Kardashian, will leave the popular photo sharing service if it doesn't change its new privacy policies, TMZ reports.

Why should Instagram care? Perhaps because Kardashian is their number one customer by a country mile, with 5,726,343 followers, over a million more that Justin Bieber and approximately three times as many as President Obama.

The popular mobile photo-sharing service announced updated terms of service on Monday which basically stated the company could use users' photos however they pleased, causing an outcry over privacy rights. Kevin Systrom, co-founder of the Instagram service, posted an apology and explanation on Tuesday.

But after promising to remove language suggesting users’ photos could potentially be resold, Instagram hasn’t tweaked its policies. Which means not only is Kardashian is looking at alternate services on which to post her sexy snapshots, but so is the entire Kardashian clan, of which Khloe, Kylie, Kendall and Rob are also Top 10 Instagram users.

So if Systrom doesn't want to see five of his Top 10 users flee to a rival, he may want to start that revising project, pronto.

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