Infamy Revisited: What Happened to the Gal Blamed for Breaking Up Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush?

Kris Humphries doesn’t stand a chance against the Kardashian klan, says the woman who was accused of breaking up Kim’s relationship with football player Reggie Bush.

“Look at her husband. He can’t win,” January Gessert told “They have so many people and so many connections that nobody wants to give you the time of day if it means they can’t be on their good side anymore. They paint you however they want to paint you to make Kim look good.”

Gessert was photographed leaving Bush’s house in March of 2010. The then waitress and musician Gessert was labeled in the press as the poster girl for Kim’s split from Reggie, even though Gessert claims nothing ever happened between the two.

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“I was in the wrong place at the wrong time and it was photographed. I am friends with Reggie and we weren’t sleeping together and I had been at his house. We were drinking at a bar down the street and stayed there late so no one drove home drunk and I left at seven in the morning,"  Gessert said. "There was a picture taken and they showed it to the Kardashians and they spun the story out of thin air. I told people the truth and they printed something completely different anyways."

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Gessert tells that her career was severely damaged. She says she was working on an album at the time and that people no longer wanted to work with her because of the scandal.

“It hurt my career because the people I was working with didn’t want all the bad press," Gessert said. "With a new artist you want to market them and you don’t want to deal with damage control right away. Because of what happened I was going to need a lot of fixing."

Gessert said her personal life is was also ruined, and dating remains a challenge even today.

“I have gone on dates and they ask me about it because they Google my name and bring it up, or people I date for awhile will say something after they find out," she said. "It is hard dating. They don’t believe you when you tell them nothing happening. Everybody asks about it. Even the dry cleaner or your trainer. People want gossip. They don’t believe you when there isn’t any.”

Today Gessert is working with a new group of musicians and trying to get an album out next year. She lives in Sherman Oaks in Los Angeles and is attempting to put the past behind her. Her advice for Kris Humphries is simple, but unlikely.

“He should hire Kim’s mom as his PR lady,” Gessert told us. “She’s a very smart lady, she just has a black heart.”