In the FOXlight: Brody Jenner on New Series 'Sex With Brody' and Relationship With Caitlyn Jenner

It isn't hard to guess what Brody Jenner's new series on E! is all about. The show, called "Sex With Brody," tackles issues ranging from sex, sex and — oh yeah — more sex.

But it's more than just tawdry talk; Brody and his two co-hosts (Dr. Mike Dow and comedian Stevie Ryan) take a fun approach to the subject by answering calls, playing games, and even heading out to the streets to teach the unsuspecting public.

"It's a wild show," promises Brody in his exclusive interview with FNC correspondent Michael Tammero, above. "It'll definitely make you laugh."

During their chat, Tammero also had the chance to ask about Brody's relationship with dad Caitlyn Jenner.

"Everything's good," says Brody, who admits that the two didn't always have the best rapport. "[She's] a whole different person — a much happier one."

"Bruce was filled with a lot of secrets, and Caitlyn is not," he says, adding that "Caitlyn is a much freer, happier person. So let her do what she wants to do."

For more on Brody's show, including the best piece of bedroom advice he's ever learned, be sure to watch his interview above. And to see Brody play a hilarious round of "Never Have I Ever" with Michael Tammero, don't miss the video below!