'Hotwives of Las Vegas' are wilder than ever in new season

Hulu’s “Real Housewives” parody is back and this season "The Hotwives" are taking on Las Vegas.

This season features Erinn Hayes, Danielle Schneider, Angela Kinsey, Casey Wilson and Andrea Savage, who played housewives from Orlando in the show's first season. 

Executive producer Paul Scheer said Sin City was the perfect city for the "Hotwives" to explore next. 

“Las Vegas was an obvious choice for the second season of the ‘Hotwives’ franchise because it’s a city built on broken dreams, fake boobs and real magic,” he said.

FOX411 caught up with the cast at the screening and got a preview of some of the drama that fans have come to expect from the Hulu parody. Schneider, who co-wrote the series and plays Denise on the show, explained the cast aimed to take things to the next level this time around.

“Just a lot more craziness, what they loved last season just a lot bigger,” she said. “We were challenging ourselves to go bigger and badder with more drama and more catchphrases and more funny characters that have fights with each other and then make up and love each other.”

Kinsey, who plays the “First Lady” on the show, echoed that fans can expect outrageous moments.

“You can expect to see lots of wigs, lots of boobs, and horrible behavior,” she said. “Every single person gets slapped or slaps someone. We all throw champagne in each other’s faces. I mean I wrestle a pregnant woman while she’s stripping on a pole!”

Still, the cast said their behavior may be viewed as mild for wild Las Vegas. 

“Las Vegas has done it all, but I think it would have to be like Las Vegas burning down to shock Vegas,” Kinsey said with a laugh. “There are some high highs and some low lows but even though we are crazy it’s just the tip of the ice berg for Vegas.”

Hayes, who plays Callie, said she enjoys being part of a parody show.  

“It’s full of stupidity, hilariousness, and outrageous situations,” she dished. “It’s really a silly show that parodies a show that doesn’t necessarily need to be parodied.”

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, right? 

“The Hotwives of Las Vegas” premieres August 18th on Hulu.