Holly Madison: Date-Less Valentine's Days in High School 'Sucked'

It's hard to imagine now, but former Playboy playmate Holly Madison remembers a time in her life when Valentine's Day wasn't exactly romantic.

"In high school, when you don't have a date, [Valentine's Day] sucks," Madison told FOX411.


Hugh Hefner's ex-girlfriend was celebrating Valentine's Day a few days early on Saturday at the Wynn Hotel's Tryst Nightclub in Las Vegas. Before enjoying some Valentine's Day clubbing with fellow members of her Las Vegas burlesque "Peepshow," she told FOX411 about some of the fun times she shared with fellow Playboy playmates and "Girls Next Door" co-stars Kendra Wilkinson and Brigette Marquardt on the flower- and candy-filled holiday.

"I used to love Valentines Day at the (Playboy) mansion," Madison said. "We would just pick our favorite restaurant and get each other a bunch of gifts, so it was a lot of fun."

Madison remembers giving one unique Valentine's Day creation in particular to her fellow Playboy playmates.

"When I first started making tube socks, I would arrange them in a big bouquet of flowers," said Madison. "I'd give them to everybody, so that's how goofy we got."

Madison said her current Valentine is overseas on a tour in Europe, but left this piece of advice for people who haven't found their love connection.

"If you don't have a significant other, just get together with a bunch of your friends,” said Madison.

And bring homemade tube socks.