Hannah Ferguson's 'Summer of Swim,' Bill Murray's Tipsy Interview, and Much, Much More

Here's what's happening out there, folks:

• This past week on Instagram, Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Hannah Ferguson has been sharing shots from some kind of "round two" of Sports Illustrated's off-season "Summer of Swim" photoshoot. We actually still don't understand what the heck any of that means, or even why new swimsuit pics of Hannah have been turning up online, but we try not to think too hard about it. But look! An attractive lady!

• In addition to the new "Summer of Swim" photoshoot, Hannah Ferguson recently landed herself a new job as the face (and body) of Triumph Lingerie. Watch the video above for our exclusive interview with Hannah, along with some great shots from her new campaign.

• Madonna took to Instagram on Wednesday to debut her new hair, which looks to have been dyed pink only on the bottom half (below). Either that, or she merely fell asleep while mixing up a pitcher of Pink Swimmingo Kool-Aid. (Judging by her face, we're not sure which.)

• Rob Lowe is reportedly gearing up to launch a line of male skin-care products under the brand name "Profile." It's a fine name, sure, but we think Rob's might have more success calling them ""All the Products Rob Lowe Uses to Defy Father Time." But whatever. To each his own.

• During a party at Cannes, Kendall Jenner's friend Josephine Skriver was photographed fixing Kendall's cleavage in a Instagram snapshot taken by Hailey Baldwin (below). It really reinforces just how close Kendall and her friends are, while also reinforcing the false belief that attractive women are constantly having pillowfights and groping each other when nobody's looking.

After striking a $160 million deal to acquire the streaming rights to "Seinfeld" last month, Hulu has announced that it will begin making the entire series available to subscribers on June 24 — a day that future historians will cite as the date humanity sort of apexed, then kind of fell back onto a couch and just zoned out.

• On Tuesday evening after taping his appearance for "The Late Show With David Letterman," Bill Murray agreed to a last-minute interview on MSNBC while clearly still tipsy from dinner. He then fell off a stool on live TV (below), which, knowing Murray's reputation, only endeared him to his fans even more.

• Speaking of David Letterman, his final "Late Show" broadcast aired on Wednesday night. And even though the finale included cameos by four presidents and several celebrity guests, Letterman's most heartfelt moment came while discussing his wife and son, saying, "I love you both and really nothing else matters." Paul Schaffer might have a bone to pick with that statement, but otherwise, it was lovely.

• Jennifer Lopez has nabbed the cover of Us Weekly's "Best Bodies" issue (below), and in the accompanying interview, she remarked that she's surprised at how women's butts have "become such a phenomenon." We completely agree, too. Who would have thought? Besides Sir Mix-a-Lot, of course. And Queen. And Pitbull. And ZZ Top. And pretty much every other admirer of the female form since the beginning of time.

• Viking Press announced on Wednesday that they've struck a deal with Barbra Streisand to publish her memoirs sometime in 2017. It's not yet clear which period of Babs' life she'll cover in the tome, but expect at least some of it to concern all the people she has needed, and all the people those people have needed, and how lucky she has been to have needed those first people.

• Actress and model Zoë Kravitz, from such films as "Mad Max" and such loins as Lenny Kravitz's and Lisa Bonet's, posed in revealing bikini for the June issue of GQ magazine (below). Or at least we think it's a bikini. By looks of it, it's quite possible Zoë just draped herself in some leftover twine and dead animal pelts from the production of "Fury Road."

• According to TMZ, Bobby Flay's estranged wife Stephanie March is trying to void their prenuptial agreement by arguing that she's the reason his restaurants are so successful, namely because she taste-tested all of his recipes before they hit the menu. In that case, we think we might have a claim too: We once ate at Bobby's restaurant and paid good money for it. He'd be nothing without us.

• And finally, "Pitch Perfect" actress Rebel Wilson (also of "Bridesmaids" fame) has allegedly been lying about her age, telling people she's 29 when she's reportedly 35. But seeing as we're not the Social Security Administration nor her insurance provider, we don't really see why we should care.