Good Eating: Deep Fried Turkey

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Don and John McLemore – creators of the Electric Turkey Fryer – drop by to remind us that it’s never too early to start thinking about Thanksgiving!

• Deep Fried Turkey

(Up to 14 pounds)

Ensure the turkey is completely thawed and free of excess water.

Inject turkey with Southern Secrets marinade of your choice.

Cover the outside of turkey with Southern Secrets Dry Rub Seasoning.

Fill pot with oil to fill line.

Bring oil to 400°F.

Place turkey horizontally, breast up in bailing basket.

Wearing protective gloves, very slowly lower the basket with turkey into the oil.

Cook turkey 3 minutes per pound, then add 5 minutes to total cooking time.

Turkey may float before cooking time is complete.

Continue cooking the turkey for total amount of time calculated.

Example: Cooking a 14 lb. turkey

3 minutes x 14 = 42

42 minutes + 5 = 47 minutes

When turkey is done, turn the appliance OFF and slowly remove the basket.

Use drain hook on basket to hook basket to appliance body.

Allow the turkey to drain and cool.

• Low Country Boil


1 lb Shrimp

1 lb Craw Fish

1 lb Pre-Cooked Link Sausage

8 Pieces of Short Ear Corn

2 Bags of Crab Boil Mix

2 lbs of Whole New Potatoes


Using a large pot (26, 32 or 40 quart) and bailing basket, fill half way with water and toss in 2 bags of crab boil mix to pot and bring water to a boil.

While boiling, add potatoes, 6 minutes later add corn, 3 minutes later add sausage, 3 minutes later add shrimp and crawfish.

(Total cook time is 27 minutes)