Gloria Trevi Welcomes 2011 With a New Look and New Single

Mexico’s Madonna, Gloria Trevi, certainly has a lot to look forward to in the upcoming year.

The singer/songwriter, who at one point was the highest paid entertainer in Mexico, is releasing her new single “Me rio de ti” on Jan. 11. This comes on the heels of the release of a tell-book by her former jailmate, Roberta Menuzzo, that included salacious allegations about Trevi.

The pelo suelto artist, who spent five years behind bars in Brazil on charges of kidnapping, rape, and corruption, back in 2004, is busy filming the music video to her new single with Argentine director Gustavo Garzón.

“For all who asked, here is a tease to my new single “#MeRiodeTi,” Trevi posted on her Twitter page.

Trevi also tweeted how she’s “full of energy” for this project and is excited for “the concert in León Guanajuato [Mexico].”

Check out a scene of Trevi's new video.

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