'Girl Meets Word' brings back old favorites, tackles tough issues

“Girl Meets World” is fast-becoming a rare success story in the world of TV reboots.

Stars Ben Savage and Rowan Blanchard stopped by “Fox & Friends” to discuss the show’s second season, which was announced last year after the first season saw success on the Disney Channel.

The second season will bring back old “Boy Meets World” favorites like Mr. Turner and Mr. Feeny.

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Savage said the show was able to bring back stars from the original series now that viewers are familiar with the “Girl Meets World” cast.

“I think our first season was really about kind of establishing the show, establishing the new characters, establishing the father-daughter relationship,” he said. “I think our second season is really, kind of, welcoming everyone back and really kind of saying ‘come join us.’”

Blanchard added that after a season on the air, the child actors on the series are comfortable in their roles.

“Now that we are kind of comfortable in our characters’ skin we can kind of explore them more. Riley faces a lot more with Lucas. We address that whole relationship, and then a lot more with all of the kids.”

Savage said at the end of the day, the show hopes to address the tough issues kids today are facing.

“I think what it’s really about is we are tackling issues that a lot of kids in middle school and in eighth grade have to deal with,” he said.

Those issues include juggling family life and relationships, dealing with bullies and being too attached to their smartphones.

“It’s a very complicated world so I think we are trying to tackle issues and address issues that kids have to deal with,” he reiterated.

To do that, the show uses Savage’s role as his daughter’s history teacher to advise the characters.

“We’re kind of incorporating life lessons into the classroom,” he said.

“Girl Meets World” returns for its second season on May 11 on the Disney Channel.