Gigi Hadid's Sexy Instagram Snap, Paris Hilton's New Anniversary Fragrance, and Much, Much More

Here's what all the fuss is about:

Earlier this week on Instagram, Sports Illustrated model Gigi Hadid shared a sexy snapshot from her recent Swimsuit Issue pictorial, which served as a reminder for followers to watch her behind-the-scenes videos at It also served as a handy reminder that, yes, Gigi Hadid still has a butt!

Paris Hilton has worn many hats throughout her career, including that of a model, an actress, a DJ, and even But through it all, she's been building an amazing fragrance empire. Hear about her new Limited Anniversary Edition perfume in the video above, and stay tuned for her tips on buying a signature fragrance.

According to a reporter for E! News, "American Sniper" actor Bradley Cooper, 40, and his supermodel girlfriend Suki Waterhouse, 23, have split after two years of dating. The report doesn't mention why they called it quits, but we're guessing it had something to do with Waterhouse making the mistake of continuing to age past 22.

One Direction singer Zayn Malik has reportedly dropped out of the band's current tour due to stress, which was possibly caused by recent accusations that he's been cheating on his fiance. He's already flown back to the U.K. to recuperate, although something tells us that being home with his fiance isn't quite the stress-free environment he needs.

Jessica Simpson served as the "dean" at Teen Vogue's Fashion University event last Saturday, where she was cornered by "Extra" for a quick red-carpet interview (below). Now, we're not saying she's drunk in the clip — we would never — but she's definitely got the glassy-eyed, rambly demeanor of someone with bad shellfish poisoning, at the very least.

In a new interview with Net-a-Porter's online magazine, Kate Upton claims that social media is becoming "kind of bulls**t" because we're "losing the art of it." But you know what else doesn't help, Kate? The hundreds upon hundreds of Kate Upton commercials for "Game of War: Fire Age" that pervade our Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Former "Third Rock From the Sun" actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt has reportedly signed on to produce and star in a big-screen adaptation of "Fraggle Rock," apparently because he's still looking for new and exciting rocks to explore.

As part of her new Clairol campaign, "Mad Men" actress Christina Hendricks has ditched her signature red hair in favor of blonder locks (below). Hendricks sasy she also changed her hair color to give her character, Joan, a "nice little send-off" as the show draws to a close. (She probably plans on keeping her character's huge boobs, though.)

Sources for Page Six claim that Kanye West was supposed to film a sketch for Friday night's "Jimmy Kimmel Live," but bailed at the last second, even after a set was built specifically for the segment. Right now, you can wipe the look of surprise off our faces with a very soft shammy.

Jennifer Lopez performed a new single called "Feel the Light" on Thursday's episode of "American Idol." The most interesting part, however, was her ginormous dress that doubled as a projector screen (below), allowing it to transform into starry night skyscapes, broken glass, and, in all likelihood, something that Jennifer Lopez is going to trip over as soon as she moves a muscle.

On Friday morning's episode of the "Today" show, actor Ryan Reynolds revealed the name of his and Blake Lively's newborn daughter to be James, but only after he joked that her name is Butternut Summersquash. Call us crazy, but we like Butternut Summersquash better. (Dibs!)

And finally, famed "A-Team" member Mr. T has signed a deal to host a DIY Network series called "I Pity the Tool." On the show, T will reportedly help families renovate their homes by smashing down walls and demolishing rooms. So while he pities the tools he uses, he still won't empathize enough to stop slamming them into shoddy formica countertops.