George Lopez Curses Mitt Romney, Joe Arpaio

George Lopez went on an all-out rant against Republican GOP candidate Mitt Romney and Arizona’s most famous sheriff, Joe Arpaio, for their stances on immigration and the controversial SB 1070 law, reported.

The stand-up comedian showered the crowd with F-Bombs that had them yelling, booing, and laughing throughout Lopez’s HBO special Saturday night.

“Mitt Romney wants the Latino vote. He ain't going to get it. He ain't going to get it. And you know why? Because Mitt Romney is a [expletive] Latino and he won't admit it,” Lopez said outraged. “His father was born in Chihuahua, Mexico. Mitt Romney is a Chicano.”

Lopez paced around the stage and then lashed out at Romney, once more calling him in Spanish the expletive used for a male prostitute.

“If you want our vote [expletive], come out of the closet. Get a hair net and lean back and say ole..,” he teased.

GLO then went on to explain Romney’s roots and that his “grandfather went to Mexico to create a Mormon colony” which did not sit well with Mexicans because “Mormons want six wives to get 12 kids.”

The “George Lopez” show host was angry when talking about Arizona’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who made headlines nationwide when endorsing the SB 1070 law, which gives police enforcement the right to ask anyone who they come across and who they suspect is living in the United States illegally.

“While we’re at it Sheriff Joe in Arizona [expletive] you,” said Lopez, before going on a profanity laced tirade.

Romney's campaign has not commented on the comments, but Arpaio has not stayed quiet. He told an ABC affiliate that the comments and profanity were uncalled for.

"Get some guts, come down here and meet me face to face. Let's see how you act then," Arpaio told the station.

GLO did take some time to say nicer things about President Barack Obama, calling him the“closest thing to a Latino that we have.”