Freida Pinto talks Leonardo DiCaprio, newfound fame in Esquire

Freida Pinto is starring in the upcoming film “Tess of the Durbevilles,” but says the racy flick may not even make it into the highly censored theaters in her native India.

“Even if it doesn’t, the people who want to see it will find a way to get an uncensored copy,” she told Esquire UK in their April edition.

Pinto may still be dating her Slumdog Millionaire co-star Dev Patel, but she also told the magazine she used to dream about "Titanic" actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

She confessed: "As a teenager you have all kinds of dreams. And Leonardo's part of them!"

But her boyfriend Dev doesn't have anything to worry about, as she went on to gush about her relationship with the Brit actor.

HOT SHOTS: Freida Pinto in UK Esquire.

Looking back at the film that made them both global sensations, she told how they were close from the very start.

She revealed: "We look at those early interviews now on YouTube, and the two of us are all over the place. We're laughing at each other's jokes and they're not funny at all, but we're just encouraging each other."

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