FNM Exclusive: Shep Rose Says Season Three of 'Southern Charm' Is Going to Get a Whole Lot Darker

If you thought Bravo's "Southern Charm" was already full of messy relationships, just wait until you catch the rest of the third season.

"Everybody's sort of in a different camp, and there's fireworks," says reality star Shep Rose. "We've done this for two years now, and you try to remain nice and genteel, like we do in the South. But eventually, people … their real colors start to show through."

Then again, the Southern socialites on Bravo's "Southern Charm" have never shied away from conflict. Between all the schmoozing and high-society parties, we've seen them fight, cry, break up, and even make up — sometimes all in the same episode. In fact, that's what makes Shep's next comments feel so much more unsettling.

"People are starting to take sides," says Shep. "So I think it's a little darker. And I guess when we were filming, it felt darker."

We've already caught a glimpse of that darkness earlier this season, both at Thomas Ravenel's dinner party — wherein he insulted all of his guests — and in his on-again-off-again relationship with Kathryn Dennis.

"I think it's a full-scale cold war between Thomas and Kathryn, that's what I hear," explains Shep. "Some of the things that have been said, I think you can't take back, and can't be forgiven."

"Let's hope they come to some amicable situation, and everyone's happy" he adds. "But there's no way with those two everyone's gonna be happy."

For more from Shep, including his thoughts on Thomas' outburst, be sure to watch the rest of our exclusive interview above.