FNM Exclusive: Rob Kazinsky Jokes About His 'Perfect Body' For FOX's 'Second Chance'

Who among us wouldn't revert back to a younger, stronger, and arguably hotter version of ourselves if given the chance?

Alright, but what if this new "self" came with a huge (and we mean huge) catch?

On FOX's brand new series "Second Chance," English actor Rob Kazinsky plays Jimmy Pritchard, a recently deceased lawman who is brought back to life as a younger, almost superhuman version of himself. But with his murderers still at large and his "creators" slowly revealing their ulterior motives, his new life isn't quite as magical as it first seems.

"Jimmy Pritchard comes from a world that is sadly no longer with us — or at least, not acceptably cool," explains Kazinsky in his exclusive interview with FNM. "He's an old-fashioned man, out of his time, who lives his life by the tenets of justice, not by the penned laws of the land."

But like we mentioned earlier, Jimmy's resurrection comes with a younger, stronger body that just so happens to look exactly like Rob Kazinsky.

"He is regenerated and re-coded cellularly to be at his physical maximum, and is basically reborn into a perfect body — which is this one [points at self], but you know, I don't want to brag about it," Kazinsky deadpans.

For more from Kazinsky, including the biggest challenge he faced when playing Jimmy, be sure to watch the rest of his exclusive interview with FNM above.