FNM Exclusive: Rev Run and Justine Simmons Reveal Their Silly Secrets to a Happy Marriage

Happy marriages aren't happy accidents. They require hard work, dedication, and — if Rev Run and Justine Simmons are any indication — a couple of silly secrets.

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Run and Justine shared their top three relationship tips with Fox News Magazine, up to and including Run's masterful, romantic dance moves.

"Keep her laughing, keep playing," said Run of his first strategy. "I get up in the morning doing silly stuff … she just waits for me to come out the bathroom doing a dance, and she's just smiling before I start."

Justine, for her part, seemed to be laughing in agreement, but quickly changed her tune once Run offered to demonstrate.

The happy couple, who recently traversed the globe together on Travel Channel's "Rev Runs Around the World," also cited their unconditional love and their "do unto others" philosophy when it comes to fighting.

"You have to really love that person like it's you — nothing maliciouis, no nothing," said Justine. "Even in an argument, [you can] not try to hurt that person."

And finally, Run told us he also attributes his successful marriage to his ability to forgive and forget.

"Be a professional forgiver," he urged. "Not many people are, and that's why marriages crumble, relationships crumble. Put it this way, [some people are] self-ish instead of self-less."

Watch the rest of Run and Justine's exclusive FNM interview above, then get to work on your own silly dance moves for Valentine's Day.