FNM Exclusive: Meat Loaf on One of His Own Hits: 'It Is the One Song I Hate More Than Anything in the World'

With the release of his latest album "Braver Than We Are," Meat Loaf now has 13 albums of material to choose from during his live shows. And it's a good thing, because he's hoping he can stop singing the one song he hates "more than anything."

In an exclusive interview with Fox News Magazine, the legendary performer tells us about the love-hate relationship he has with one of his biggest hits, but not before describing his love-love relationship with his new material.

"The new album is completely different than anything we've ever done before," Meat Loaf says about "Braver Than We Are," which features material written by longtime collaborator Jim Steinman ("Dead Ringer," the "Bat Out of Hell" trilogy).

"Some people are 'getting it' right away, and some people aren't … By the fourth listen, you're gonna go, 'Oh my God! I see what they've done!'"

Now that he's reunited with Steinman after 10 years, Meat Loaf also says "Braver Than We Are" feels a lot like "Bat Out of Hell" did in 1977, which is to say "it's in another universe" musically, and not that it was panned upon release.

"It was the most hated record in the world," remembers Meat Loaf of "BOOH." "Then it just caught on, and everybody realized that it was about their lives … and ["Braver Than We Are"] is the same thing. You just gotta give it time and listen to it."

Time, though, isn't the answer to all of Meat Loaf's problems. More specifically, time has done nothing to mellow his hatred of the 1993 mega-hit "I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)."

"It is the one song that I hate more than anything in the world," says Meat Loaf. "It was such a big hit, that every night [I] go on stage everybody expects it to be perfect. And nothing is ever perfect live. So it drives me crazy."

Check out the rest of Meat Loaf's interview above for more, then pick up "Braver Than We Are," currently available on iTunes and GooglePlay.