FNM Exclusive: Elsa Hosk Reveals Her Workout Routine and Fattening Guilty Pleasure

As a Victoria's Secret supermodel, Swedish beauty Elsa Hosk has figure that can reasonably be described as maddeningly perfect — but it sure doesn't come easy.

"You're in a bathing suit pretty much all year round working for Victoria's Secret," she explains in an exclusive interview with FNM. "There's so many shoots, and we're always in lingerie, so you kinda always have to be prepared and ready."

So what does that entail, exactly? Well, for Hosk, it means lots and lots of exercise.

"I work out a lot," she says. "I do a lot of boxing, I do Barre classes … and I feel like I work out so I can eat whatever I want."

Watch our complete interview above for more from Hosk, where she reveals her favorite guilty-pleasure food to scarf down.