FNM Exclusive: Do You Have What It Takes to 'Quit Your Day Job'? Randi Zuckerberg Can Tell You

Looking for advice on launching your own start-up? You couldn't hope for a better mentor than Randi Zuckerberg.

As the tech mogul behind Zuckerberg Media and Dot Complicated, Zuckerberg is a virtual encyclopedia of entrepreneurial expertise. She's smart, she's savvy, and best of all, she's not above sharing her secrets on Oxygen's new series "Quit Your Day Job."

"I think that entreprenuership is really having a moment in pop culture right now," explains Zuckerberg. "Everyone has an idea for that next great app [or] that next great company, but a lot of people don't even know where to begin … They don't think they have the connections to actually quit their day job and go for it."

That's not to say everyone should quit their jobs to found a start-up. Only a lucky few have what it takes — and those are exactly the kind of people Zuckerberg is seeking on "Quit Your Day Job."

On the show, Zuckerberg and her fellow experts, including Ido Leffler, Sarah Prevette and Lauren Maillian, meet with young entrepreneurs to hear out their business proposals and elevator pitches. And at the end, it's up to Zuckerberg and Co. to determine who deserves their "angel" investment.

"I angel invest in many startups — especially start-ups that are founded by women," says Zuckerberg. "So when Oxygen came to me with the opportunity to be on this show, where the whole ethos is that three of the four investors sitting on the panel are women, and the vast majority of the entrepreneurs coming to pitch us — on the show — are women, I thought, 'Wow. By being on this show, I can actually be part of the solution," she says.

"That really changed my perspective and energized me to be part of the show," she adds.

Watch our exclusive interview above for more from Zuckerberg, and be sure to tune in for the premiere of "Quit Your Day Job," tonight on Oxygen.