Father Albert Cutie to Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony: Don't Rush into a New Situation

Father Albert Cutié knows all about marriage. The Catholic-turned-Episcopal priest, who married his long term clandestine girlfriend, Ruhama Buni Canellis, after paparazzi snapped photos of them sun bathing on South Beach, says he thinks Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony should take “time to process the pain” of their failed seven year marriage.

“The fact is divorce is like a loss,” Cutié told Fox News Latino exclusively. “You experience the same thing as if you lose a loved one. There’s a grieving  process that requires time and healing.”

Father Oprah, as he is called due to his newly released talk show, recalls how distraught he felt upon learning that Lopez and Marc Anthony were calling it quits.

“I was sad for them,” Cutié told Fox news Latino exclusively. “Their family and relationship stability is always at play… in more vulnerable situations than your typical couple because of their lifestyle.”

Cutié adds that he believes J.Lo and Marc “are seeking to have a normal life like any other couple and a normal marriage,” he stresses what has helped him and his wife get through the hard times.

“My wife goes everywhere with me. It helps a lot if you do things together if you share,” said Cutié.

Cutié's other concern is that “they are able to go through that process with some sense of intimacy and privacy.”

The experienced priest and husband says he welcomes the two celebs with open arms if they were to ask for his help.

“I treat those things very delicately,” Cutié said.  “They should be treated like any other couple. If they come see a priest it should be as private as anyone else reaching out for the help.”

Last but certainly not least there is Emme and Max, Lopez and Marc’s 3-year-old twins who as Cutié says “will notice the absence,” and “the back and forth.”

“I always think about the children. They end up being the victims of divorce,” said Cutié. “ They have to make a commitment to be good parents. They need to seek their children’s stability.

They are both intelligent people so I think that they will both be good parents.”

“Don’t run into a new situation right now,” he adds. “That’s not going to help you go through the normal process of grieving or a healthy transition.”

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