She may not have spoken Spanish growing up in Euless, TX., but actress Sarah Shahi is making sure things are different for her two- and- a-half year old son William.

The “Fairly Legal” beauty, who is gearing up to premiere season two of the USA drama on March 16th, spoke with Fox News Latino about preparing her son for a multi-cultural world by teaching him both Spanish and Farsi, why her character Kate Reed is a good role model for young women, and what we can expect to see from her kind-hearted yet flawed character this season.

Learning other languages is something that is very important to the 32-year-old, who is half Persian and half Spanish. Even though she grew up speaking mostly Farsi, she is making sure her son (with husband and fellow actor Steve Howey) is in touch with his roots passed down from all his ancestors.

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"Absoulutely," Shahi told Fox News Latino about the importance of her son speaking other languages. “When I'm not able to be with my son his nanny speaks to him just in Spanish.  And when my mother comes down to visit, she speaks to him just in Farsi.”

“Right now he speaks more Spanish than Farsi but he can understand both,” she added.

"I feel that as the world becomes more and more multicultural, it's a good tool to be able to speak another language."

When Sarah's character Kate was introduced to us last year, we realized the lawyer-turned-moderator on the freshman drama “Fairly Legal” was going through a lot after the death of her father. The season was about her coming to terms with his demise, her part in the evolution of his firm Reed and Reed alongside her young step-mother Lauren (Virginia Williams), and the complicated relationship she shares with husband Justin Patrick (Michael Trucco.)

Things get a lot heavier in season two when our protagonist meets a cocky stranger who appears on the scene just as she learns a horrible truth from her soon-to-be-ex.  And because all that isn't tough enough, Kate ends up having to room with her nemesis!

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"The goal for Kate is for her not to handle it well because that is where the majority of her charm and the fun comes in, just watching her trying to juggle everything,” said Shahi. “That is the direction for this year.  They are taking away all of Kate's security blankets from her and watching what happens.”

Justin reveals some pretty big information to her, they actually get a divorce but it doesn't necessarily mean they are over.  Then with Ben Grogan (newcomer Ryan Johnson,) a love triangle forms between the three of them because she has feelings for him unbeknownst to herself.

"With Lauren it's always a two steps forward two steps back situation,” Shahi said. “At some points she goes to Lauren for help then Lauren comes to Kate for help."

Sarah adds, "Nothing will take away the fact that she (Lauren) is her step-mother. At the end of the day Kate feels like she was once her father’s little girl then this other woman comes into the picture, takes daddy away and now dad’s gone.”

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“Kate would have to go through a lot of therapy,” Shahi continued. “A lot of emotional maturity to not blame that on Lauren."

Speaking of Ben, Shahi gave Fox News Latino some juicy details about what to expect between him and Kate.

"Yes you will see it [the relationship] go through a roller coaster of steps,” said Shahi. “You will see us kiss, you will see us backtrack, you will see us fight.”

“I don't know at this point how the season ends with the two of them but be sure that it is going to be a satisfying ride," she highlighted.

Even though Kate can be a bit immature in many aspects of her life, she is someone who fights for the rights of others and constantly puts her reputation on the line for them.

In a world full of reality stars and television programs that portray women in an unflattering light, it's exhilarating to have a character like Kate that young women can relate to.

“At the end of the day she is somebody who goes after what she believes in no matter what the system or anybody else tells her,” said Shahi. “I think that people should take note of that more."

“It doesn't matter what people say or what the rules say or what you're supposed to do, you go after what's in your heart,” Shahi pointed out. “For me, that is something that I've taken from her and I hope other people do as well.”

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The actress said playing Kate has impacted her life in unexpected ways.

“It's refreshing to play someone that is so passionate about life [and] what she believes in,” Shahi said. “There are consequences for it, but most of the time she doesn't care because she whole-heartedly believes in them."

Fellow Latin actor Esai Morales also joins the “Fairly Legal” cast in the recurring role of District Attorney Aaron Davidson.

"I finally had my first scene with him!” beamed Shahi. “The DA and Kate don't really have that much to do together but we did recently have some interaction on set.”

"Fairly Legal" premieres on Friday, March 16th at 9pm/8pm central only on the USA Network.

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