Experts: Second wedding for Jen Aniston likely to be smaller, more intimate affair

Jennifer Aniston maybe a movie star but her love life is the stuff that makes for the most drama. Now, finally, the world can stop wondering if Aniston will ever be happy again. Last Friday, America’s sweetheart accepted her boyfriend of two years Justin Theroux’s proposal.

Theroux’s rep told People Magazine “Justin Theroux had an amazing birthday on Friday, receiving an extraordinary gift when his girlfriend, Jennifer Aniston, accepted his proposal of marriage.”

An engagement means a wedding is right around the corner for the happy couple, but Aniston has been married before to another Hollywood star whose name now escapes us, and there are certain customs when it comes to second weddings. So spoke with celebrity wedding planners on the do’s and don’t s of second wedding etiquette.

Wedding planner Colin Cowie of Colin Cowie Weddings told us “years ago it was appropriate to celebrate a second wedding in a quiet civil ceremony which might have been followed by a small luncheon. The keyword for second marriages was 'quiet.' Today, it is very much the norm for couples who have been married before to plan weddings just as elaborate as first wedding celebrations might be. Most second-time couples take the position that it's not their second or third wedding, but rather, the first for them as a couple.”

Sarah Pease, Owner and Creative Director of Brilliant Event Planning, said “the most well-known tradition regarding a bride who has been previously married is that her gown should not be white. Some might also say that a second wedding should not include a large guest list and should be a smaller, more intimate affair than a first wedding. However, in recent years, tradition has become less important to many couples getting married for the second time, and they have modified or, in some cases, completely ignored these traditions in favor of a more contemporary take on marriage.”

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Jeannie Uyanik, Executive Director of C&G Weddings, added that “couples are adhering less and less to traditional norms, both for first and second weddings, and going with what feels right for them. In Jen’s case, she has been divorced for seven years, she waited to find the person who was right for her, and that affords her more leeway to do what she wants rather than what might appear correct.”

Cowie told us how he thought Jen would wed.

“I see Jen and Justin escaping South of the Border to one of Jen’s favorite places, Cabo San Lucas. She loves the One and Only Palmilla (resort) and it’s very her…relaxed and cool. I see the ceremony taking place on the property overlooking the water and then moving down to the beach for a traditional Mexican dinner (one of her favorites) and dancing under the stars. It won’t be a huge, splashy affair, but it will definitely have some Hollywood glamour given their long list of celebrity friends.”

Regardless, Aniston's wedding will be the talk of Hollywood until it finally takes place, whenever and wherever that is. Sorry Angelina, but Jen wins this round.