EXCLUSIVE: Plastic Surgery Record Holder Has Advice for Heidi Montag, Nicolas Cage

Cindy Jackson holds the world’s record for the most cosmetic surgeries ever performed on a single person—52, to be exact—including a dramatic jaw and chin reduction.

“It was really traumatic because whenever you cut into the bone, it’s painful—it really hurts,” Jackson told FOX411. “The chin and jaw are actually taken apart and then moved back and repositioned, and then held in place with tiny titanium pins. I still have the pins, but I don’t notice them at all—they’re very, very tiny.”

Jackson’s operation was similar to one of the ten procedures Heidi Montag had during her infamous marathon plastic surgery session performed by the late Dr. Frank Ryan.

“If Heidi Montag had the same thing I did, my sympathies are with her,” said Jackson. "It’s very difficult to go through that.”

Jackson, 55, started having plastic surgery back in 1988. Unlike Heidi, she's more than satisfied with the results.

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“I have no regrets whatsoever—absolutely not,” declared Jackson. “It’s been a slow evolution. But, when you look at the list of what I’ve had done and how much I’ve changed, it’s quite a lot. But it was slow, it was considered, it was done properly and I’m happy with all of the results.”

Jackson, who spent upwards of $100,000 on her various surgeries, thinks Montag would have been happier with her results if she took her time with her transformation.

“The problem with having 10 things done at once is that you don’t know how they’re going to interact together on your face and body—you don’t know how your overall look is going to change,” she said. “Maybe that’s why she’s rejected the way she looks now—it was too much, she’s had bad pain associated with the experience and she had a lot of criticism in the press—all together, whether or not she likes what she sees—it was a negative experience in many ways for her, unlike my experience.”

Jackson, who consults royalty and A-list stars on their cosmetic surgery decisions, can easily spot secret celebrity surgeries.

“I would say that most people in Hollywood, that are on camera, have had something done,” declares Jackson. “And I say that with some degree of authority. If it’s bad surgery, I can tell—always. But if it’s good surgery, I shouldn’t be able to tell, and neither should anyone else.”

Women in Hollywood are not the only ones getting work done.

“Look at Sylvester Stallone—he’s obviously has had something done,” says Jackson. “I think he looks good. But I’m not sure about Nicholas Cage’s hair transplant, though—you can really see it in his close-ups. These days, you can have a follicle by follicle transplant into the scalp. I don’t know why someone of his stature would go and have something that is not done properly.”

John Travolta, however, is doing something right.

“Whatever wig John Travolta is wearing, he’s got the best—I think he’s got quite good taste. I see nothing wrong with wearing wigs, women have done it for decades.”

Jackson also has definite opinions on Hollywood’s top plastic surgeon’s handiwork.

“Both Sharon and Ozzy Osborne have both had facelifts, nose jobs and their eyes done—and they both look really good,” says Jackson. “I remember Sharon from the ‘80s when I was in a rock band—she looked totally different then. She looks amazing now, so I give her full credit.”

The Kardashian sisters are visiting the right people, “I think the Kardashians looks fine. They look OK. What I like about them is that they’re not peddling the size zero look—that’s why a lot of women like them—they look like real women. I don’t think they’re fat, they look healthy. Kim has that hourglass figure, which is very attractive. It signals to men that she’s fertile—she’s ripe for reproducing.”

And sometimes, you don’t need plastic surgery to look good. “I’m a fan of Jennifer Lopez—I think she looks amazing,” says Jackson. “She’s had twins, and the influx of hormones, progesterone in particular during pregnancy, will change the way you look—it makes your hair more luxurious and your skin better, and even though she had the babies a couple of years ago, she’s still benefiting from those hormones.”

Finally, Jackson believes that recently ousted “Celebrity Apprentice” contestant Lisa Rinna made the right move removing her trout pout, “Lisa Rinna had a happy ending with having her lip implant removed—as she gets older, that probably wouldn’t end up looking as good as it did when she was young,” declares Jackson. “You don’t want to see big fish lips on an old lady!”

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