EXCLUSIVE: Jaclyn Smith Defends Demi Moore, Lisa Rinna Bikini Tweets

Cougars are circling their wagons!

Former “Charlie’s Angel,” Jaclyn Smith says she's invigorated by actresses like Lisa Rinna, Teri Hatcher and Demi Moore showing off their figures despite their 40-plus years of age.

“I think if you’ve got it flaunt it,” she told FOX News on Sunday. “It’s great. They look amazing and I think it says that age is a state of health and well-being and the fountain of youth is inside.”

The 62-year-old laughed off the criticism that these leading ladies have trainers and chefs, making it easierfor them to look good. “These women are under the public eye... There’s some element of stress that goes with that. I think they are working hard and they are looking good,” she said.

Smith, who battled breast cancer in 2003, said, “I think women need to take care of themselves." The actress, who has been free of cancer for eight years, advised women to “do self examinations. Do your mammogram every year, not every two years.”

Getting it done yearly is what made her battle that much easier. “If I had waited another year my prognosis could have been different,” Smith explained.

Bringing awareness to this disease and raising money to help find a cure is extremely important to the actress who has been designing clothes for K-Mart since the ‘80s.

“We have a 25th year anniversary collection, where one dollar from each item sold goes to breast cancer research,” she told Fox News of her “economical,” “interchangeable” and “classical” pieces.

“Research is the future. It’s our only chance to eradicate the disease,” she said. “We’ve made a lot of strides… I think we will eradicate the disease very soon.”

But until then, she said that we must remember: “Life is a gift. Health is a gift. We need to appreciate it and take good care of ourselves.”