Ex-employee suing Armani, claiming sexual harassment by female boss

A former Armani employee is suing the mega-fashion brand, claiming she was sexually harassed by one of the company’s top female executives  and then fired after she complained about the her boss’s behavior, according to the New York Daily News.

Kelle Azzopardi claims in the suit at one point Laura Giulini, a former senior vice president for wholesale apparel, called Azzopardi into her office and “then proceeded to take off her pants and expose herself.”

Azzopardi looked away and Giulini told her: “You don’t have to do that. I’m not a prude,” according to the lawsuit.

Now, Azzopardi is suing for wrongful termination, alleging she was fired because she complained to human resources about Giulini’s behavior.

She also claims the abuse went on for months and only got worse after the pants dropping incident. Then, Azzopardi claims she was fired after Giulini gave her negative evaluations. Azzopardi alleges the rest of the Armani team gave her “stellar” reviews.

Giulini has since left Armani.

The suit was filed in the Manhattan Supreme Court. Giulini told the New York Post yesterday she was not aware of any lawsuit.

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