Supermodel Emily Ratajkowski is getting creative with her personalized Christmas cards this year.

The model's card is anything but typical. Her card does feature a Christmas tree or anything holiday related. It is simply risqué portrait-style photos.

The model shared the card exclusively with Vogue.

"I took these photos over the course of the year on my phone and a disposable camera in spaces that are important to me," she told Vogue. "I’ve always been interested in the power of place and the idea of home and how it effects identity. These are sort of self-portraits in that way. They're related to a series of collages I started in college around the same themes and aesthetics."

The 25-year-old only made five of these cards for her parents, boyfriend and close friends.

"With everything going on in the world this year, my material gifts seemed to stop short at feeling special and full of love, so I decided to do the collages."

And she got even more creative this season by making her own ornaments.

"This year I bought bags of big dried chili peppers from the 99-cents store, put ornament hooks through them, and decorated my whole tree with them!" she said. "My dad is an artist and definitely the craftiest person I know. Growing up, we were always re-purposing stuff and making fun projects. We still have a lot of things we made, and it’s really nice, because they’re unique to us and so full of memories."