'Duck Dynasty' stars turn passion for fowl into million-dollar business

The stars of “Duck Dynasty” took their passion for duck-call tools and turned it into a multi-million dollar franchise and a new reality show on A&E.

The duck-loving family stopped by “Fox and Friends,” where Duck Commander Phil talked about the evolution of their business from the first year making $8,000 to the flourishing profits they have today.

“Well [it just happened] slowly,” Phil said. “Then the next year a little more, then the next year a little more and then finally someone like A&E comes in and says, ‘Listen, we’ve been watching those DVDs that you’ve been making for the last 30 years.’ And then we went on the Outdoor Channel. They said, ‘we think we can make a reality show out of you folks.’

Phil added that he has a Master’s Degree from Louisiana Tech, but they never taught him about ducks, which is something he learned himself.

“Once you get into ducks, you can find out what they sound like,” he said.

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The family then built tools to mimic the sound and the rest is duck-hunting and reality show history.

“Duck Dynasty” premieres on A&E Tuesday at 10 p.m.