‘Duck Dynasty’ recap: Robertsons remember their roots on family vacation

The Robertsons may be living like redneck royalty today, but they weren’t always so fortunate. After tinkering with ways to make better duck calls, Phil Robertson watched his small business turn into a multi-million dollar company.

In the season finale of the family’s sixth season of their hit A&E show, the Louisiana natives took time to reflect on how far they’ve come since their humble beginnings. To celebrate Willie’s birthday, the entire clan took a trip to D’Arbonne Lake where they used to vacation as little kids.

“When I was a kid and we lived on D’Arbonne Lake, we didn't have the means,” said Jase. For Willie’s birthday, “we're going to go back to our roots, but this time we're going to do it right.”

In true Robertson fashion, the family’s trip didn’t go exactly according to plan. After Jase forgot to bring the key to Duck Commander employee Godwin’s uncle’s lake house where they would be staying, it took hours of searching for the spare key to get into the house before the real fun could start.

While they searched, some of the grandchildren needed to go “number one and two,” so Uncle Si suggested they just go in the lake much to the Robertson wives’ horror.

“Look, I don’t know what the big deal is okay?” said Si. “The lake is like having a shower and bathroom combo, okay. Take your bath if you want to, swim a little bit and, hey! You gotta go? Go.

“Society [has gotten] way too precious,” Si continued. “You've got to poop in the toilet not the lake? Hey, if I can't poop in the lake like a grown man, that means the yuppies win. And if the yuppies win, they'd sell America. I don't even know who you'd sell it to if the yuppies win, I mean, I wouldn't buy it.”

Once they were able to get into the house, they quickly discovered animal droppings, which Phil declared to be fresh raccoon poop after examining the specimens with his bare hands.

“This vacation has just begun [and] we've got a coon hunt going,” he said with enthusiasm “Vacation with a raccoon hunt you're like hey, ‘We're going to be vacationing Papaw Phil style.’ We're going to put a bullet right through his eyes.”

“Y'all want to eat some coon?” Phil asked his horrified granddaughters.

“No, no, we can set him free to be with his family,” Miss Kay assured the girls.

Once the raccoon was reunited with his furry friends, the family celebrated Willie’s birthday by hooking him up with a water jetpack for the ultimate redneck experience.

After the fun on the lake, they sat around the campfire and enjoyed each other’s company.

“We all know our life back then was filled with confusion and chaos and here we are as a family over 30 years later and our family, I believe, has truly changed for the better,” Jase reflected over the campfire. “It’s come together and it’s gotten a lot larger.”

For once, his brother agreed with him.

“The Robertson brothers are a unique breed,” said Willie. “We like to give each other crap, but we do it out of love. The truth is, I couldn't be more thankful to have a brother that would work this hard to make my birthday special. The family had a blast.”