‘Duck Dynasty’ recap: Phil calls wife Miss Kay ‘chubby’

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Phil has never been one to shy away from voicing his opinions and the "Duck Dynasty" patriarch was no different in this week’s episode of the A&E show.

“I don't like skinny women or skinny TVs,” Phil said as he struggled to turn on his television to watch a Jason Bourne movie.

“You like a full-figured TV, like you like a full-figured woman,” his wife Miss Kay agreed.

Phil agreed that he liked “chubby women like [Miss Kay].”

The pair finally gave up and called son Willie help them figure out how to work their TV set.

“Pioneer men and technology go together about as well as mayonnaise and apple sauce,” said Miss Kay as she called up Willie who was somewhat reluctant to help.

“Lets make something clear,” said Willie. “I love my parents and I'm happy to help them with the occasional simple task, but it’s never just one simple task and it never takes just one minute.”

And he was right. As soon as Willie finished helping Phil learn how to turn on his Bourne films, Miss Kay asked him for a lesson in texting.

“The grandkids want me to talk to them on the phone with text and I don’t know how to do it,” Miss Kay said. “I want to learn how to make that little heart and a smiley face.”

“Oh good grief,” said Willie who immediately regretted teaching his mom about emojis.

Meanwhile at the warehouse, Si’s coworkers were learning some new and disgusting habits from the Vietnam War veteran.

Jase commented on throwing away the hardened drop of mustard that sits over the dispenser. Like most people, he finds that part to be gross.

Not Si though who says his life motto is “waste not, want to."

“It tastes good and it’s chewy,” Si explained while disgusting all of his coworkers who were avoiding doing work.

But Willie found a way to motivate his crew; ice cream!

“As CEO, I've learned that motivating people is hard,” he said. So in order to get the Duck Commander crew working again, he bought a soft serve ice cream place.

Unfortunately for Willie, his tactics didn’t work because they were “manipulative” according to Jase.

Instead, Jase updated a four wheeler that he bought without permissions on his corporate card.

While Willie disciplined his brother on abusing his position at Duck Commander, he couldn’t deny Jases’ idea worked.

“When I was growing up, my parents taught me the value of hard work and when you're running a business it's easy to get caught up in trying to make sure everyone is working hard all the time,” said Willie.

“What I’ve learned is that life can't be all about work,” he continued. “Sometimes the best way to get people to work hard, is to let them have a little fun first.”

“Because even though hard work is important, everybody deserves a little fun. even if your definition of fun is sending your grown son little smiley faces and hearts even stinking minute,” Willie concluded.