Did Sandra Bullock Already Know About Jesse James' Affair at Oscars?

While news of Jesse James’s alleged affair only hit headlines last week (thanks to mistress Michelle “Bombshell” McGee selling her story), Sandra Bullock may have been “blindsided” by her husband prior to accepting her Oscar for Best Actress.

Bullock barely even acknowledged, let alone touched, a teary James after her name was called out as the winner, although he whispered “something private” in her ear and she gave him a smug look before jumping out of her seat.

Despite appearing quite prepared on stage, she failed to thank him in her acceptance speech (although she didn’t forget her “lover” Meryl Streep) and was quick to change to subject when asked about him backstage after the big win.

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“Don't piss him off.  He had something in his eye.  It's very dusty from the dance music,” Bullock responded when asked why James was crying. “I'd never divulge what Jesse says unless he divulges it first.”

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This was quite a turnaround, given that at the SAG Awards just a few weeks earlier Bullock gushed about “her man” while accepting the award.

“I love you so much, and you're really hot,” she said lovingly to James. “And I want you so much!"

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